GROW has brought global awareness and encouraged relationships between countries outside of Mexico. Volunteers from the US and Canada take part in the annual vision clinics made possible by the GROW Fund.

GROW Bananas

“Every purchase of GROW bananas provides communities with a fund that goes solely toward programs that encourage health, education, and well-being,” - Mayra Velazquez de Leon, president of Organics Unlimited.

The GROW fund helps give workers who grow our produce and their families a better quality of life. GROW supports essential educational and medical programs that enrich the lives of many living in the rural areas of Mexico and Ecuador. Each time you purchase a bunch of GROW bananas, you’re contributing towards the GROW fund. Just look for the GROW sticker!

You can find delicious, healthy, organic GROW bananas in many natural food stores and co-ops around the US. Don’t see GROW bananas in your local natural food store? Request them! Retailers interested in selling GROW bananas can find them exclusively through Organics Unlimited.

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